Live at 1849 Brewery, Grass Valley: According to Bazooka

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1849 BREWING COMPANY, 468 Sutton Way, Grass Valley

1849 Brewery presents a lively night of music as According to Bazooka takes the stage Friday March 22. A2B writes irresistibly catchy tunes inspired by California’s vibrant music scene. Their captivating sound draws from Americana & roots music in an upbeat fusion of blues, rock, jazz, and country. Featuring guitar, accordion, violin, upright bass and drums, A2B's show is full of engaging musical interplay and homegrown observations of everyday life. Tunesmith Richard Urbino is known for his mastery of song-craft, pop sensibilities, and clever lyrics. Together with René Martucci's smooth alto vocals and the extraordinary talents of Jamie Knapp, Daphna Rahmil and Don Johnston, these five musicians bring an intoxicating energy to each show. The result is a unique and inviting musical experience!