On​ December 1, 2022, Thursday Live! is celebrating 2 big occasions.

It’s the Holidays AND this will be Thursday Live's 100th Show! Amazing. And it’s all thanks to you for showing up each month and donating so generously. A hundred thank yous to everyone!

This show will feature Biscuits N Honey (Kurt Roggli, Dianna Craig, Martin Lewis), the Muddy Waders with Bill Edwards (Sean Feder, Don Fox, Albert Vasquez, Bill Dakin), According to Bazooka (Richard Urbino, Rene Martucci, Jamie Knapp, Don Johnston, Daphna Rahmil ), Me & Him (Martin Lewis, Kurt Roggli) and Keith Adolpho Campos (Keith Carey, David Campos, Adolpho Valenzuela). We’ll have posters from all the shows hung up around the room, and cake to celebrate. And keep any eye out for Santa.

Doors open at 7 PM; show starts at 7:30 PM. This is a benefit concert for the many good works the Davis Odd Fellows do throughout the year. Your donations keep us going.

Thursday Live! is sponsored by the Davis Odd Fellows Music and Concert Committee with the support of KDRT radio and Jim Buchanan.