According to Bazooka


"With a blend of rock-a-billy rhythm, country-blues guitar solos and pop vocal harmonies, According to Bazooka is truly unique."

Joshua Gutierrez, Daily Democrat, Freelance Writer

"The melodies are lovely and the lyrics are intelligent and interesting. Their vocals are nothing short of excellent. The CD that they released is delightful."

Gabe Lewin, Owner of Clarity Sound

According to Bazooka features musicians Richard Urbino and René Martucci performing Americana originals on guitar, accordion and harmony. Inspired by life in the Sacramento Valley, their songs weave in genres like folk, country, rock and zydeco into a lively and inviting show. Their sound is a seamless blend of warm arch top guitar layered over the reedy tone of the accordion and wrapped up in a smooth blend of male and female vocals. Titles such as "Highway Five," "She Dances Alone," and "Figure It Out" explore themes of life's travels, relationships and reappraisals with humor and spirit. Their 2015 CD release "Easy Come, Easy Go" features 11 catchy original songs sure to stick in your head. Their second album release debuts in 2017.

The influences of California are infused into Urbino and Martucci’s music. It's a genre they have come to describe as Americana Pop. Hidden inside the folk presentation of accordion, guitar and harmony, one can find zydeco, country, rockabilly, rock and roll, and reggae flavors with a hint of underground edge. Singing together for over 30 years, the duo has many stories to tell. Their sound recalls a musical soul and simplicity of folk songs years past and a universal appeal that invites listeners of all ages along for the journey. Their style calls to mind generations of musical duos such as Everly Brothers, The Bodeans, She and Him and more.

Urbino and Martucci share a common artistic language. Both studied art, went on to teach art, and found their desire to play music early in life. Inspired by folk rock, British Invasion, and the vibrant California music scene, Urbino and Martucci felt a strong calling to play music and saw it as a natural path.

Urbino started organizing bands when he was a teenager and booked his first gig at 14. Living in Vacaville facilitated many trips to San Francisco to watch bands at the Avelon, Filmore and Winterland. The Bay Area, LA and East Coast music scenes influenced his song writing early on. Bands like Moby Grape, Jefferson Airplane, Buffalo Spingfield and The Lovin Spoonful all served as examples as he began writing songs. In his 20s, Urbino spent a short time on the LA scene before returning to his roots in the Valley where he has continued to perform and create.

Martucci grew up near UC Davis with musical roots that started with folk music performers like Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan and moved to the retro sounds of new wave. She studied art at UC Davis at a time when the iconic venue called "The Coffee House" featured concerts by bands like R.E.M. and The Police. The local  scene brought her out to art parties, college concerts and the Sacramento music scene where she was inspired by the indie bands of the time.

Richard Urbino and Rene Martucci find working as a song writing team motivating and natural. Their songs grow from a phrase, melody or concept and together they bounce ideas off each other and play with arrangements as they develop the songs. Both Martucci and Urbino love melody and catchy choruses in the style of 60s pop songs. They write about relationships and life’s travels, reappraisals and musings

After years as a team, these two have played just about every gig you can imagine. They love traveling through different walks of life and the adventures of performing in traditional venues and unexpected locations. With years of sharing the stage, you could say Richard Urbino and René Martucci live and breathe music. It’s what brought them together and has kept them a strong creative force through the years. 

The song writing team of René Martucci & Richard Urbino